unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

Types Of Lawsuits Due To An Oil Spill

Arthur Young

If you own a home or business that was affected by an oil spill, you might be able to file a lawsuit. Here are the different types of lawsuits related to oil spills and the damage they cause.

Loss of Business Income

If your business was in an area that was directly affected by the oil spill, you should be able to file a lawsuit for your lost business income. Oil spills can cause a lot of damage that leads to loss of business. If you are a fisherman and sell what you catch to local fish markets and grocery stores, your business will suffer exponentially due to an oil spill affecting marine areas. Shops near the oil spill may also experience business loss due to property damage that needs to be dealt with and environmental pollution that potential customers are trying to avoid.

Illness and Injury

Another type of lawsuit related to oil spills is one related to illnesses or injuries. Oil spills can cause a lot of pollution that affects people who were nearby. When cleaning the oil spill, certain chemicals are used to clean it up properly. If you were in the vicinity, you might get ill and need to file a lawsuit. This also applies to workers who were responsible for cleaning up the oil, due to the various chemicals and pollutants that come from the oil. If you were cleaning up the oil spill and experience nausea, headaches or breathing problems, consult a doctor right away.

Environmental Claims

This is usually a lawsuit that is filed by a large group or city office. It sues the person or persons responsible for the oil spill due to the irreparable damage it did to the local environment. This includes destroyed vegetation, damage to the nearby wetlands and coastline, and the injury or death it caused to nearby wildlife. It can also include harm to the local ecosystem, which is common with the larger oil spills.

Property Damage

Both homeowners and business owners can file a lawsuit due to an oil spill that caused property damage. The property damage can include both the spill itself, and the cleaning process and chemicals used to disperse the oil. If you own a home or business property that was affected by the oil and that property has expensive damage, consider filing a lawsuit against the people responsible for the spill.

If you decide to file a lawsuit related to oil spills, make sure you have a good lawyer. These can be complicated cases and you should have legal help from a law office like Roberts Miceli Boileau & Doutt LLP from the very beginning.


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unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

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