unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

Fighting Allegations ThatYour Dog Had Attacked

Arthur Young

If you are a dog owner and one of your neighbors has recently pressed charges against you saying your dog had attacked them, you will most likely want to hire a personal injury attorney to prove that they are making false claims. Unfortunately, sometimes people will make up information to collect insurance money and compensation for not being able to work. They may also make up these claims if they do not care for dogs and if if they feel the dog is a threat to the neighborhood. Here are some tips to use to help you prove that your dog did no wrongdoing.

Get Medical Information

Have your lawyer check up on the medical information available from doctors or the hospital that treated your neighbor. Ask if there are any photographs available showing bite marks or scratches. These can be analyzed in-depth to prove if the injuries were in deed caused by a dog or if they were self-inflicted.

Provide Documentation

Get your veterinarian to write a report stating your dog has never posed a threat to anyone in the past. Get copies of their medical history to show they are up-to-date on shots, helping to prove they do not have rabies or another disorder that could cause behavioral problems. If your dog had taken training classes, obtain certification that they had passed and a statement from the teacher specifying that they had never displayed bad behavior while taking the training course.

Take Photographs

Walk around your yard and take photographs from every angle proving what type of fencing system you have in place. This will help show that your neighbor may have overstepped boundaries, causing the dog to become irate because they were trespassing. While this is not an excuse for their behavior, it will hold up more favorably as it shows the dog did not viciously attack someone on grounds other than their own.

Find Witnesses

If you think your neighbor may have taunted your dog, see if anyone in the area had witnessed ill behavior that may have caused your dog to become angry. The neighbor may have been seen teasing your dog or yelling at it when you were not around. Ask other neighbors if they had seen anything at all and have them testify in your behalf. Have neighbors sign a petition specifying that your dog had never caused them any problems, helping to prove your dog is docile and not an attacker.

Hire Help

Have a private investigator follow your neighbor to see if they act injured when they are away from the home. They may be pretending to be in pain when around doctors and witnesses, but may act normally when they are not in the public eye. If this is true, they may lose out on payments and you might not be responsible at all for reimbursing medical expenses.


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unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

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