unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

Reasons To Hire An Employment Attorney

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Unless someone is able to make a decent income by being self-employed, making a living must be done by working for someone else. Working for an employer means that you must abide by their rules, or you can risk getting terminated and losing your income. However, just because you are working for someone, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are mandated to follow every rule that is in place. For example, if your employer has rules or practices that are against the law, you have the right to not follow them. If you are dealing with the illegal ways of your employer, hiring an attorney might be ideal, as he or she can assist with various situations.

Working off the Clock & Unfair Pay

If you have been working off the clock and complained to your employer about being paid an unfair amount of money when doing so, there might be several things that you can sue for. Working off the clock might seem like it is in your favor because it seems like it allows you to make extra money, but it is actually illegal in most states. Your employer may have asked you to work in such a manner to avoid having to pay you overtime for working so many hours. If you get legal help, an attorney can do what it takes to make sure you are paid not only for the unfair pay that you believe you have been subjected to, but also extra money due to working overtime. He or she can also find out if other employees have been subjected to the same treatment so they can possibly be witnesses.

Dealing with Discrimination

Another common reason why some people hire employment attorneys is to take action against discrimination at work. For example, if you believe that your employer has been treating you unfairly due to how you look, it might be a good cause to file a lawsuit. Discrimination is illegal no matter who you may be employed by. You will only need to explain the situation to an attorney, and he or she will assess all of the information to determine if you are actually being discriminated against and whether or not a lawsuit is in your best interest.

Not Being Allowed to Take Breaks

Working for multiple hours in a row can be tiring, which is why there are usually state laws in place that make it mandatory for employers to allow their employees to take breaks. However, your right to take breaks depends on how you are employed, such as full- or part-time. If you believe that your employer is breaking the law by not allowing you to take breaks, speak to an employment attorney about it to find out what your rights are.

If you believe you have been treated unfairly by an employer, contact a law firm such as the Law Offices of Mitchell Schley LLC.


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unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

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