unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

How Physicians Should Navigate Medical Malpractice Cases

Arthur Young

Physicians treat so many patients throughout the year and sometimes, things happen even when the best plans are in place. Some patients think you're to blame and try seeking compensation from you, bringing about a medical malpractice case. You'll navigate this case effectively by taking these steps. 

Gather Relevant Patient Documents on File

With any medical malpractice case, medical records of the patient seeking compensation will be pulled to document what might have gone wrong. You, as the physician, need to go ahead and gather these documents so that this collection process is facilitated in an effective manner.

Gathering and organizing these documents shows exactly what treatments and services the patient received, and that's your way of showing that the best medical services and advice were provided when the patient came in each time. If you have these documents that back up your treatment plans, that's instrumental in winning this type of case.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Some physicians that deal with medical malpractice don't go into these legal proceedings with the right frame of mind. They then become easily irritated and possibly do something that can harm their medical practice moving forward.

You can better respond to a patient claiming you caused them physical harm by preparing yourself mentally for what this legal process entails. Read up on medical malpractice cases and see what physicians are asked to do all the way through. Having an understanding of the process and the amount of time it will take to come to a resolution helps you not get frustrated at any point.

Work With an Attorney For Testimony Prep

If this medical malpractice case ends up in court, then you'll probably have to give your testimony about the medical services you provided to the patient now seeking compensation for the alleged wrongdoing.

Hire a medical malpractice attorney when getting ready for your testimony so that you represent yourself as best you can. The attorney will go over typical questions asked in these cases and they'll help you refine your responses. They'll also cover simpler details like eye contact and posture, showing the judge and jury that you're not guilty in any regard.

If you work as a physician and are involved with a medical malpractice suit, know that this is actually pretty common today. If you're patient about this process, respond in a calculated way, and do what a medical malpractice attorney recommends, your practice will be better off in the future. For more information about medical malpractice law, contact a local law office.


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unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

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