unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

Top Signs You Should Choose A Divorce Lawyer Instead Of A Mediator

Arthur Young

Many couples who get divorced do so with the help of a mediator instead of hiring an attorney. In some cases, this can work out well, but it certainly isn't the best option for every couple. If you have been considering using mediation instead of hiring a divorce lawyer, then you should determine whether or not any of the things below are true. If they are, then hiring a divorce lawyer instead could make a really big difference in how things go in your divorce. Since this can seriously impact you both now and later, it's something to pay attention to.

Your Spouse Isn't Being Cooperative

You might be interested in mediation, and you may be willing to cooperate with your spouse so that things go smoothly. Unfortunately, though, your spouse might not have been very cooperative so far, or you could be concerned that this will be an issue during the divorce proceedings. If you're dealing with an uncooperative spouse, your best bet is probably going to be hiring a divorce lawyer so that you will be prepared for a battle.

You and Your Spouse Have a Lot of Assets

If you're going through a divorce and don't have much money in the bank or much in the way of assets, then you might not be overly concerned about how your marital property is distributed. However, if you and your spouse have a lot of assets, matters can be a lot more complicated, and it also might be more important to you to try to fight for what is rightfully yours. Since these cases can be a bit more complicated, it's usually best to hire an attorney instead of a mediator, as they may not have the time or experience to help with these types of things.

You're Facing Expensive Child Support or Alimony Costs

If you are the breadwinner in your marriage, then you could be concerned about having to pay your spouse alimony. If there are children in the marriage, then you might be concerned about child support obligations. If you are worried about one or both of these things, working with an attorney can help you ensure that you are protected and that you don't end up being ordered to pay child support or alimony payments that are unreasonable.

Although mediation can work well in some cases, hiring a divorce lawyer is probably going to be the best idea in the cases above or in any other complicated divorce situation. Contact a divorce lawyer for more information.


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unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

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