unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

Hit Head-on And Coping With Compensation Issues

Arthur Young

As car accidents go, head-on collisions can be among the worst of them. A head-on collision can leave victims with major injuries, a totaled vehicle, and out of work for weeks if not longer. Find out more about what to expect in terms of money damages by reading below.

Why Head-on Wrecks Are So Brutal

Even relatively low-speed head-on accidents can be bad. Head-on collisions are caused by several issues, many of them involving careless driving. For example, the following careless actions could cause the other driver to swerve into your lane of travel and cause a wreck:

  1. Driving while distracted by devices, passengers, etc.
  2. Being drowsy or under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

However, some head-on wrecks are caused not just by poor driving but other issues like:

  1. Not paying attention and entering a one-way road going the wrong direction.
  2. Swerving to avoid something like an animal or something else.
  3. Mechanical issues like a blown tire or a steering problem.
  4. Being pushed into an oncoming lane after being hit by a vehicle.

Bad Accidents Mean High Levels of Compensation

The way the accident occurred will have a huge bearing on compensation issues. The question is, was it really an accident, or was it due to negligence? It's important to know that you can be compensated even if the other driver accidentally hit you. However, many head-on situations involve more than an accidental collision. When the other driver is found to be negligent, you might be paid additional sums of compensation (punitive damages, for example).

Unfortunately, head-on collisions can lead to devastating injuries for victims. This level of injury might cause the driver to suffer from:

  • Extremely high medical treatment costs.
  • The need for future medical treatment costs.
  • Lost career opportunities along with lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering payments commiserate with the high level of injuries and medical costs.

Take Action and Be Paid

It's not advisable to attempt to handle a complex accident like a head-on collision on your own. You will need help determining how much money you are owed by the driver that caused the wreck to happen. A personal injury lawyer can not only evaluate your case to arrive at what you should be paid but also negotiate with the insurer to make sure you are paid that sum. You might never be able to work at your job again, so a complete package of compensation is important. Speak to a car wreck lawyer to find out more.  


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unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

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