unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

3 Key Essentials You Need When Creating An Estate Plan

Arthur Young

The thoughts of losing your life can send shivers down your spine, which could deter you from making important decisions about your future. For example, you might put off creating your estate plan, with the hopes that something wrong doesn't happen to you so you won't lose your life. However, creating a will can save not only you but also your family from headaches in the future. Therefore, consider contacting an estate attorney to assist you in coming up and drafting an estate plan. They will help you prepare and amend the following essential documents to render your estate plan legal.

Last Will   

An estate plan lets you give directions on important details, including the parties that will inherit your property and assets after your demise. You also ought to name a person who will take up the guardianship of your minor children if you lose your life. Doing so is particularly important if your spouse cannot assume guardianship responsibility. You can also use your will to donate some of your money to charity organizations. The last will can enable you to give all these directions to make sure that your belongings end up in the right hands. Your lawyer can guide you when preparing the document to ensure you include all the necessary information.

Durable Power of Attorney or DPOA

You can delegate some important functions and decision-making processes to an agent through a DPOA. They have the right to represent you in crucial meetings when you can't attend. In this case, they will act on your behalf until the case's conclusion. Besides, if you suffer a serious illness, your agent will give caregivers treatment directives as indicated in your will. It would help if you had legal guidance when drafting a legal power of attorney to prevent errors that could make your document illegal.

Transfer on Death Deed

When a testator loses their life, family members must wait for the completion of the private process to inherit property. However, you have the option of avoiding this lengthy procedure by using a transfer death deed. It will allow you to transfer your property, which will enable your loved one to inherit your estate immediately after your demise. However, this option is not available in all states. Therefore, you need to consult your lawyer to know whether this form is available where you live.

If you're planning to create an estate plan, consult an estate attorney dealing with estate plans to guide you in preparing your will. Most importantly, they will assist you in getting and filling out the necessary documents to make your estate plan legal.


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unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

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