unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

  • Things To Know About Selling A House "As-Is"

    If you are tired of living in an old house that has major problems, you could always sell the house and buy a different one. If you want to sell your house without making the needed repairs, you could sell it as-is. To do this, you may want to hire a residential real estate lawyer to help you. Here are several things you will need to know and do if you sell a house like this.

  • Surprising Things That Can Happen When You're Accused Of Driving Under The Influence

    Getting stopped by a police officer while driving can be scary. If you have been drinking or if you have any drugs in your system (including prescription drugs that warn against driving) it can be even scarier. While you have probably seen a DUI traffic stop on television, there are a lot of things that can happen that do not make it into a TV show. You can be pretty certain you will be cuffed and taken to the jail house or detention center; other than that, you may be very surprised at what occurs.

  • Boost Your Social Security Case With Good Representation

    The right representative can do a lot to further your social security disability case. Here are some common options you have for getting representation.  Why You Need Representation There are a lot of reasons why social security claim representation is a good idea. First of all, if you are severely injured, then you may not have the strength to track down missing documentation for your claim and answer phone calls from social security officers and other people involved with your case.

  • 4 Tips for Talking to an Adjustor After a Car Accident

    If you have been in a car accident with another driver, their insurance adjuster is going to call you in order to gather information that they need to determine how much damage has been done. Since you cannot avoid this phone call, you want to be sure that you are strategic in how you handle it. Here are four tips to help the call run smoothly on your end. ​Stay Calm: The first important step is to remember to stay calm.

  • What End-Of-The-Year Tax Changes Should You Consider?

    As the year winds to an end, it is important to re-evaluate your financial and personal situation to determine if you need to make adjustments before tax time. The last few months are your chance to make changes that could net you a bigger tax refund or a smaller tax bill. To ensure you are on the right path with your finances, here are some end-of-the-year tips to keep in mind.

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    unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

    Have you recently been let go from your job? Do you feel that the termination was illegal in any way? It is time for you to stand up to unfair employment practices by your former employer. An employment attorney helped me get through an impossible time more easily. I had no idea how serious the repercussions for terminating my position could be for the company, nor did I know how much the company would owe me for doing so. Thankfully, the attorney took the time to answer each and every question that I had and discussed all of my options. I have included much of what I learned on my website to help others learn what they could be owed if they were unlawfully terminated from their jobs.