unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

  • Top Things To Know About Hiring An Injury Lawyer On A Contingency Basis

    Since you have decided to hire a personal injury lawyer, you might have been learning about some terms that are related to the industry. For example, you might have heard about the option to hire a personal injury lawyer on a contingency basis. As you might have already learned, this basically means that you don't pay out-of-pocket legal fees upfront when hiring the attorney, and if the attorney loses your case, you will not pay anything.

  • Effective Defenses When Sued For Violating A Contract

    Contracts play an important role in business. However, a contract is not very useful if there is a breach of contract and nothing is done to respond to this breach. However, if you are accused of breaching the contract yourself, you may not know how to respond without the help of a contractural dispute attorney. The Other Party Didn't Fulfill a Condition Precedent There might have been some condition that the other party needed to fulfill.

  • Reasons To Hire An Employment Attorney

    Unless someone is able to make a decent income by being self-employed, making a living must be done by working for someone else. Working for an employer means that you must abide by their rules, or you can risk getting terminated and losing your income. However, just because you are working for someone, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are mandated to follow every rule that is in place. For example, if your employer has rules or practices that are against the law, you have the right to not follow them.

  • Been In A Car Wreck? Why You Must Hire A Car Accident Attorney

    Automobile accidents have a way of ruining even the best-laid plans. Your entire day could be completely mapped out, but the moment you collide with another vehicle, everything you thought you were going to do goes out of the window. You're now in a situation where you may have life-threatening injuries, not to mention that your car might be completely out of commission. This is most definitely not a good time for you to deal with the ramifications of the event by yourself.

  • Don't Make These 4 Mistakes After A Truck Accident

    Truck accidents can have major consequences on the people involved in them. In addition to the hefty size and weight of a semi-truck, the average semi-truck also takes 20%-40% longer to brake than a passenger vehicle. All of these factors can create a dangerous situation for drivers on major roads and highways. Hopefully, you'll never be involved in an accident with a semi-truck--but if you are, it is important to take the right steps to protect yourself and your legal rights.

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    unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

    Have you recently been let go from your job? Do you feel that the termination was illegal in any way? It is time for you to stand up to unfair employment practices by your former employer. An employment attorney helped me get through an impossible time more easily. I had no idea how serious the repercussions for terminating my position could be for the company, nor did I know how much the company would owe me for doing so. Thankfully, the attorney took the time to answer each and every question that I had and discussed all of my options. I have included much of what I learned on my website to help others learn what they could be owed if they were unlawfully terminated from their jobs.