unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

  • Why Your Helmet Could Matter In Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

    Motorcycle helmets are actually fairly controversial items. Some people believe that they are essential to prevent unnecessary injuries and deaths. Other people are just as firm in the belief that helmets are actually dangerous. From a legal standpoint, if you're involved in a motorcycle accident, does it matter if you're wearing one? It might. This is what you should know before you get on the road. Helmets Aren't Guarantees Motorcycle accidents aren't like passenger car accidents - there's no seat belt holding you down, and no windshield between you and the road.

  • 5 Steps To Take After Getting A DWI

    If you have been drinking and driving and received a DWI, you are going to have to do a couple of things in order to get your license back. If this is your first time receiving a DWI, then you may not know what these steps are. Read on for some insights regarding what to do after a DWI: Receive Legal Advice: There are different laws for DWIs that apply in every state.

  • Medical Negligence Lawsuits: 4 Necessary Aspects Of Success

    The success or failure of medical malpractice lawsuits often hinges on an attorney's ability to prove that the presiding physician, nurse, or healthcare practitioner was guilty of medical negligence. In the majority of medical malpractice cases, an attorney must clearly demonstrate four distinct events regarding the medical practitioner and the patient. The following is a brief overview of these four steps and how they dictate a case's success or failure.

  • Going Through A Divorce? Do You Need A Forensic Accountant?

    The divorce process can get extremely tricky when there is a business involved. Are you going through a divorce and generate income through a business operated by your soon to be former spouse? If so, your attorney will likely suggest that you bring a forensic accountant in to help with your case. What is a forensic accountant? A forensic accountant is generally a certified accountant that helps evaluate the financials of the business.

  • 2 Types Of Damages You May Recover In A Medical Malpractice Case

    Being injured because of the fault of a hospital or doctor can simply be devastating. You may also have a multitude of financial losses in this situation, as well. The key to being able to get on with your life may rest in receiving the necessary amount of compensation for your losses. Knowing the various types of damages that are possible to recover in a medical malpractice case may be beneficial to you.

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    unlawful employment termination - what's your next step?

    Have you recently been let go from your job? Do you feel that the termination was illegal in any way? It is time for you to stand up to unfair employment practices by your former employer. An employment attorney helped me get through an impossible time more easily. I had no idea how serious the repercussions for terminating my position could be for the company, nor did I know how much the company would owe me for doing so. Thankfully, the attorney took the time to answer each and every question that I had and discussed all of my options. I have included much of what I learned on my website to help others learn what they could be owed if they were unlawfully terminated from their jobs.